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Thila Homam in Gokarna - lightuptemples

Thila Homam in Gokarna

Thila Homam in Gokarna is a potent Vedic ritual performed to seek the blessings of one’s ancestors and to pacify family members who have experienced an untimely death. This ritual is primarily conducted as a remedy for individuals afflicted with Pitru Dosha in their astrological charts. Carrying out Thila Homam in Gokarna is believed to be highly auspicious and influential.

  • Engaging in Thila Homam offers solace to the departed souls.
  • Thila Homam and Pitra Dosha remedies assist in alleviating Pitru Dosha.
  • This ritual provides relief from sudden hardships and concerns in one’s life.
  • Issues related to marriage and childbirth stemming from Pitru Dosha can be mitigated through Thila Homam.


Book a Pandit for the Thila Homam. The Purohit will bring all the required pooja samagri (items). All our Pandits are highly experienced and have studied at Vedic Patashala.

To perform Online and Offline Pooja @ LUT contact us.

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