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Pitru Paksha Shradha at Srirangapatna - lightuptemples

Pitru Paksha Shradha

Pitru Paksha, also known as Mahalaya Paksha, is a 15-day lunar period during which our ancestors or pitrus are believed to have the opportunity to visit the earthly realm. During this time, the eldest son of the family performs the Shradh (ritual offerings to the deceased), while other family members participate in the ceremony. Brahman Bhojan, the act of feeding Brahmins, is also an integral part of this ritual, undertaken to seek blessings from our pitrus or departed ancestors.


Book a Pandit for the  Pitru Paksha Shradha at Srirangapatna. The Purohit will bring all the required pooja samagri (items). All our Pandits are highly experienced and have studied at Vedic Patashala. 

To perform Online and Offline Pooja @ LUT contact us.

  • Pitru Paksha, also referred to as Mahalaya Paksha, spans a 15-day lunar period during which Hindus remember and honor their forebears.
  • In 2023, Pitru Paksha is observed from September 30th to October 14th.
  • This Shraddha ceremony is primarily carried out through acts like Pinda pradan (offering rice balls), Tarpan (libations), and providing food offerings to Brahmins.
  • It is of utmost importance to perform this ritual with unwavering faith and a tranquil mind, as doing so bestows the full benefits of the ceremony and ensures the enduring blessings of one’s ancestors.

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