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Ganesh Pooja

Price Range :   ₹ 3,500- 5000

Ganesh Pooja,  is a religious ritual and worship practice dedicated to Lord Ganesha, the elephant-headed deity who is widely revered as the remover of obstacles and the lord of wisdom, success, and new beginnings. Ganesh Pooja is performed before the commencement of any significant endeavor or event in Hindu culture, seeking Lord Ganesha’s blessings to ensure a smooth and successful outcome.

  • The primary benefit of Ganesh Pooja is the removal of obstacles and challenges from one’s path. Lord Ganesha is widely regarded as the deity who clears the way for success in various life endeavors.
  • Worshiping Lord Ganesha is believed to bring success, prosperity, and good fortune. His blessings are sought for achieving one’s goals and aspirations.
  • Lord Ganesha is the lord of wisdom and intellect. His worship is thought to enhance one’s knowledge and decision-making abilities.
  • Ganesh Pooja is commonly performed at the beginning of significant events or endeavors, such as starting a new job, moving into a new house, or launching a business, to ensure a positive and successful start.
  • Lord Ganesha is considered a protector, and his worship is believed to provide security and safeguard against harm and negative influences.
  • Lord Ganesha is believed to provide solutions to problems and dilemmas, helping individuals find creative and effective ways to overcome challenges.

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Here are some common elements and practices associated with Ganesh Pooja:

  1. Idol or Image of Lord Ganesha: The central focus of Ganesh Pooja is an idol or image of Lord Ganesha, which is often made of clay, metal, or other materials. Devotees set up a shrine for Lord Ganesha.
  2. Rangoli: Intricate and colorful rangoli designs are often created at the entrance of homes or the shrine to welcome Lord Ganesha.
  3. Offerings: Devotees offer various items to Lord Ganesha, including flowers, fruits, sweets (modak, laddu), coconut, betel leaves, incense, and red vermilion (sindoor). These offerings are made as a sign of devotion and respect.
  4. Abhishekam: This is the ritual of bathing the idol of Lord Ganesha with water, milk, yogurt, honey, ghee (clarified butter), and other sacred substances. Abhishekam is believed to purify the idol and symbolizes the cleansing of one’s sins.
  5. Aarti: Devotees sing aarti (devotional songs) dedicated to Lord Ganesha, often accompanied by the waving of a lit lamp to symbolize the removal of darkness and the spreading of divine light.
  6. Modak Offering: Modak, a sweet dumpling, is a favorite offering of Lord Ganesha. It is often placed in front of the deity as a symbol of his love for this sweet treat.
  7. Ganesh Mantras and Bhajans: Devotees chant various Ganesha mantras, such as the “Om Ganeshaya Namaha” mantra, and sing bhajans (devotional songs) in praise of Lord Ganesha.
  8. Prayers for Blessings: Devotees seek Lord Ganesha’s blessings for the successful completion of their endeavors, removal of obstacles, wisdom, and guidance.
  9. Meditation and Concentration: Ganesh Pooja involves meditating on Lord Ganesha and focusing the mind on one’s goals and aspirations.
  10. Distribution of Prasad: After the puja, the prasad (blessed offerings) is distributed to family members and guests as a symbol of sharing the blessings of Lord Ganesha.

Ganesh Pooja is performed on various occasions, including before starting a new business, moving into a new house, embarking on a journey, and during important festivals like Ganesh Chaturthi. The primary aim of Ganesh Pooja is to seek the blessings of Lord Ganesha for the removal of obstacles and the successful accomplishment of one’s endeavors, as well as to invoke wisdom and intelligence. It is a practice that promotes devotion, gratitude, and positivity.


Book a Pandit for the Ganesh Puja. The Purohit will bring all the required pooja samagri (items). All our Pandits are highly experienced and have studied at Vedic Patashala. 

To perform Online and Offline Pooja @ LUT contact us.

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