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Veerasambanur Pasupathiswarar Shiva Temple, Thiruvannamalai


Veerasambanur Pasupathiswarar Shiva Temple, Thiruvannamalai

Veerasambanur village,

Thiruvannamalai District – 606902.

Contact: 90954 32704






Veerasambanur Temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva, located in the Veerasambanur village, Thiruvannamalai district, Tamilnadu. Here the presiding deity is called as Pasupathiswarar and Mother is called as Parvati. Locals say that there were 10 famous temples around the glorious Devigapuram Temple and this temple is one of them. This temple was as big as 32 cents. It is said that in later times it was destroyed by foreign invasions and attacks and left unattended.

From Arani you can take a bus to Devigapuram. Alight at Thumbur bus station and reach the temple by auto.

Puranic Significance 

     Currently, the panchayat leader and the villagers are building the temple together. Ancient stone pillars and inscriptions are found around the temple. Locals say that a Siddha Purusha was buried here and his identity is still unknown. Many of the problems of the people who come here to worship have been solved by the subtle power of that saint. They hope that the details of the Siddha Purusha will be revealed soon by the Lord.

A lawyer from Thumbur, near this town, heard about this Swami and came to worship him. He was on the verge of losing almost one case, and by the grace of the Swami he won very easily.

At present only Swami’s Sannidhi and Ambal Sannidhi have arisen. There is still a lot of work to be done, such as the Great Hall, the wall, the floor work, the small shrines, the statues, the vehicles. It is a town inhabited by simple people who often do only farm wage work. They have done as many reversals as possible. The rest of the work remains the same.


Most of the people who come here and get relief from debt problems, bugs etc. Not only this, with the help of legal issues and property lawsuits you can come here and worship.


1000 Years Old

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