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Thuraiyur Nandikeswarar Temple, Trichy


Thuraiyur Nandikeswarar Temple, Trichy

Thuraiyur – Attur Rd,

Thuraiyur, Trichy district,

Tamil Nadu 621010




Sambath Gowri


Nandikeswarar Temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva located at Thuraiyur Town in Trichy District of Tamilnadu. Presiding Deity is called as Nandikeswarar and Mother is called as Sambath Gowri Amman. This temple had been renovated during 8th – 14th centuries.

This temple lies in the heart of the Thuraiyur Town. The Temple is located at about 2 Kms from Thuraiyur. Nearest Railway Station is located at Trichy (51 Kms) and Nearest Airport is located at Trichy (52 Kms)

Puranic Significance 

   It is said that Ayyanar, Pidari, Nagakanni, Indran, Thirumal, Venuvana Munivar, Parasara had prayed Lord Siva here. The original name of Sri Sampathgowri sametha Sri Nandikeswarar temple was Thiruvalisvaram Udaiya Nayanar Temple. This is also an ancient temple originally established by Sundara chozhan and subsequent development works had been done continuously from the 8th to 14th century.  The entrance of the temple is having a five tiered gopuram.

The temple tank is called Nandi Theertham.   In addition to the main shrines for the Lord and Ambal, there are separate shrines for Vinayakar, Murugan, Chandikeswarar, Bhairavar and Natarajar.  In the entrance to the main shrine is a beautiful Nandi of about 5 ft height with intricate decorations.  Special prayers are offered to the Nagakanni on Fridays during rahu kalam (10.30 am to noon) to get relief from Rahu and Ketu doshams. 

Like Tirunageswaram, here also when milk is poured over the Nagakanni idol, it turns blue.  It is believed that the Nagakanni brought a Shivalingam from the territory of demons and worshipped here for getting salvation. There is a central mandapam in the nearby irrigation tank which unfortunately is in a dilapidated condition. 

There is a beautiful painting of Manmadan with bow and Rathi seated on a swan. Also Goddess Saraswati with Veena. Veerabadrar, Aghora Veerabadrar, Goddess Kali in dancing pose, Rudra Thandava Nataraja also there. Arjunan praying to Lord Shiva for Pasupathasram statue and Sattanathar statue are also nicely depicted. There is a nice painting of Ravanan with veena being blessed by Lord Shiva. There is a Nagakanni Amman statue enshrined in this temple.

Special Features

              Presiding Deity is called as Nandikeswarar. It is told that the Sundara Chozhan, named the Linga here as Nandikeswarar. Mother is called as Sambath Gowri Amman. The temple tank is called ‘Nandhi Theertham. There are many life size exquisitely carved stone sculptures in the temple. There is a Nagakanni Amman statue enshrined in this temple. During all Fridays, during Raghukala (10.30 am to 12.00 Noon) Special poojas are conducted for this Goddess, to expiate the sin of Raghu – Kethu, delay in marriages etc. There is a beautiful centre Mandapam (Maiya Mandapam) in a dilapidated condition in the big irrigation tank nearby the temple.


All Festivals related to Lord Shiva are celebrated here with much fanfare.




1500 Years Old

Managed By

Hindu Religious & Charitable Endowments Department (HR&CE)

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