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Satgaon Bhusari Vishnu & Shiva Temple, Maharashtra


Satgaon Bhusari Vishnu & Shiva Temple, Satgaon Bhusari, Buldhana District, Maharashtra 443001


Shiva, Vishnu


This Vishnu & Shiva temple is located in the Satgaon Bhusari village in Chikhli tehsil situated 10 miles to the south of Buldhana district, Maharashtra State. These are ruins of temples of the 12th to 14th centuries, showing the existence of Brahmanism in ancient times. Temples are all in a dilapidated state, one of them being a total wreck. The principal temple is that of Vishnu to the west of the village. It is somewhat peculiarly built in that it faces the west instead of the east as usual. The image of Vishnu is broken and lost, leaving only his feet above the figure of Garuda. The ceilings of the mandapa and the exterior walls of the shrine are well decorated. At a short distance behind the Vishnu temple is a remnant of a small temple of Mahadev, which is in a very ruined condition; the entrance to it is from the east side. Inside the temple there is a linga and outside the Nandi and the door is elaborately carved with figures of Ganesh, Vaishnavi, Brahmi and Parvati. It is, however, noticeable that there are only figures of goddesses to be seen there. The third temple is to the north of the Vishnu temple is locally called as Sita Temple/Sita Nhani. Some fragments of old Jain images are seen near these temples. These temples are supposed to have been constructed during the reign of the Later Chalukyas.


12th to 14th centuries

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