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Ratnagiri Marleshwar Cave Temple- Maharashtra


Ratnagiri Marleshwar Cave Temple- Maral – Marleshwar Rd, Marleshwar, Maharashtra 415804




Marleshwar Temple is located in Marleshwar of Ratnagiri district. It is a cave temple and is circumvented with sacred grooves. The presiding deity is Lord Shiva. The Marleshwar Yatra which takes place during the Makar Sankranti is a major event of this temple. Sangmeshwar is the place where two rivers Sonavi and Shastri flow together. Marleshwar Cave Shiva Temple is a cave temple located in the Shayadri range about 17 km from Devrukh. The Temple can be reached by climbing approximately 530steps. The Shiva Temple is situated inside a cave and has a small viewing platform in its premises from which the magnificent Dhareshwar Waterfalls can be admired.

Puranic Significance

Local belief is that Lord Parshuram laid the foundation of the temple. Many snakes can be seen in the cave. The Sahyadri Mountain ranges can be seen from the temple. The uniqueness of the temple is that there are various snakes in the temple, but not bite the devotees. This has resulted in temple that increased faith of the devotees. This factor as increased and more and more people visit this place every year. This temple is mostly crowded during Shravan and Nag Panchami on these days this temple is thronged in by devotees in large numbers.

Special Features

Approximately 530 steps to reach the Marleshwar temple. Other than the holy lanterns, you are not allowed to light any other kinds of lights in the temple caves. Within the rock cavities of the caves, the non-venomous ‘Boa’ snakes can be found but they have never been known to harm anyone. Lord Shiva is famously known for possessing a snake around his neck. Right in front of the temple, the pure white and beautiful Dhareshwar waterfall flows like the Ganges which is held safely by Lord Shiva on his head.


A big fair, locally called as yatra is organised here during Makarsankranti. Almost 4-5 lakh devotees attend this yatra each year.


1000-2000 Years old

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Archaeological Survey of India (ASI)

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