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Puri Jameswar Temple (Pancha Pandava Sthalam of Puri) – Odisha


Puri Jameswar Temple (Pancha Pandava Sthalam of Puri) – Harachandi Sahi Rd, Puri, Odisha 752001




The Jameswar Temple, also known as Yamesvara Temple or Jamesvara Mahadeva Temple, is dedicated to Lord Shiva and is located in Puri, a renowned pilgrimage town in the state of Odisha, India. The Jameswar Temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva, one of the principal deities in Hinduism. Shiva is revered as the destroyer of evil and the god of meditation, yoga, and the arts. The Jameswar Temple is situated approximately 1.5 kilometers from the famous Puri Jagannatha Temple, making it easily accessible to pilgrims and tourists visiting Puri. It is also around 3 kilometers from the Puri Bus Stand and 4 kilometers from the Puri Railway Station.

Puranic Significance

  • Pancha Pandava Temples: The temple is considered one of the Pancha Pandava Temples, associated with Yudhishthira, the eldest among the five Pandava brothers from the Indian epic Mahabharata. These temples are significant pilgrimage sites for devotees and are closely linked to the Mahabharata narrative.
  • Ashta Sambhu Temples: It is also regarded as one of the Ashta Sambhu Temples, which are a group of eight Shiva temples strategically located to protect Puri in all directions. These temples play a significant role in the religious landscape of the region.

Historical Origin: The Jameswar Temple is believed to have been constructed in the 14th century CE by the Ganga Kings. It holds significant historical and religious importance in the region.

Origin of the Name Jameswar: The temple is associated with the legend of Lord Shiva defeating Lord Yama (the god of death) in battle. As a result of this victory, Lord Shiva became known as Jameswar (Yamesvara). It is believed that Jameswar protects the holy city of Puri from the influence of Yama.

Special Features

  • Architectural Features: The Jameswar Temple follows the Kalingan architectural style and consists of a rekha vimana (tower) and a pidha jagamohana (assembly hall). It is characterized by its Pancharatha plan and Panchangabada elevation. The temple courtyard is accessed by descending steps, and there are additional structures such as a Natamandapa (dance hall) and Bhogamandapa (dining hall).
  • Presiding Deity: The primary deity of the temple is Lord Yamesvara or Jameswar, who is worshipped in the form of a Lingam within a circular yonipitha (base).

The Jameswar Temple’s historical significance, association with the Pancha Pandavas, and its role as one of the Ashta Shambhus contribute to its importance as a religious and cultural site in Puri. Devotees and tourists often visit this temple as part of their spiritual journey in the holy city of Puri.


Jamesvara Mahadeva participates in the Chandana yatra festival of Lord Jagannath. On the day of Radhastami, the deity Sudarsana from the Jagannatha temple visits Lord Yamesvara. This temple is also connected with Sagar Bije, Ashram Bije, Sital Sasthi, Champak Dwadasi, Sravana Purnima and Aswina Purnima of Lord Jagannath Temple. The festival of Yama Dwitiya (2nd day bright fortnight of the month of Kartika) is also observed in this temple with great devotion


14th century CE

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