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Pothanathi Thiruvalavayudayar Shiva Temple, Madurai


Pothanathi Thiruvalavayudayar Shiva Temple, Madurai

Pothanathi, Villur,

Madurai District,

Tamil Nadu 625707





                      Pothanathi Thiruvalavayudayar Temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva Located in the Pothanathi village, Villur circle, Madurai district, Tamil Nadu. Here the Presiding deity is called as Thiruvalavayudayar.


Puranic Significance 

              An inscription of Maravarman Sundarapandian I and a ruined Shiva temple were found in a town called Pothanathi in Villur area near Madurai.

 A ruined temple with sanctum sanctorum, gopuram and front hall was found near Pothanathi in the southern part of this town. The temple tower, built of bricks and mortar, is completely dilapidated and the sculptures are in a defaced condition. The sanctum sanctorum is in a square shape towards the east and the inner part is in the north and south direction with no idols. As the vestibule was completely destroyed, the remaining pillars have male and female sculptures of gatekeepers standing and worshiping, and the two sides of the pillar are carved with flower buds. This Temple belongs to the reign of Maravarman Sundara Pandyan I (1216-1239).



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