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Pachmarhi Chauragarh Mahadev Temple- Madhya Pradesh


Pachmarhi Chauragarh Mahadev Temple- Mahadeo Rd, Pachmarhi Madhya Pradesh 461881




Pachmarhi is a popular Shiva temple in Madhya pradesh. It is located in Pachamarhi, Madhya Pradesh, India. Pachamarhi is a hill station of Madhya Pradesh. Chauragarh is the second highest peak. It is a pilgrimage site with Lord Siva’s temple at the top. This temple enshrines Lord Shiva. It was built during the reign of the King Sangram Shah and is also known as ‘Chhota Mahadeo Mandir’. To reach the temple, one has to climb various steps that are said to be over 1250 in number to reach the magnificent shrine of Chauragarh. Located at an altitude of 1,330 meters, atop the Chauragarh peak, the temple is accessible only by a 3.4 km long trek that begins at Mahadeo cave.

Puranic Significance

There is a Chauragarh fort there built by the king Sangram Shah of Gond Dynasty in 14th-century. The Chauragarh or Chota Mahadeo Temple is perched on the Chauragarh Peak, which is one of the most revered shrines of Lord Shiva in the Pachmarhi Region. The temple is situated at a mighty height, and one needs to climb 1250 steps to get to the top. After the arduous climb, devotees are charmed with thousands of trishuls stacked in the temple courtyard. During the festivity of Nagpanchami and Mahashivratri, devotees flock here in large numbers, heaving up these massive trishuls as offerings. One will be amazed to see the cluster of trishuls stuck in the temple ground as a way to offer obeisance to the Lord. Witness the gleaming mountain streams tumbling down the steep slopes to give rise to cascading waterfalls all along the way to the temple. The temple’s magnificence would make one believe in the fact that beauty and tranquility are commonplace where God resides. It also has a pool of natural water, a naturally formed shivling and a pathway for the pilgrims to ease the walk. The hill also has some caves in which the Pandav brothers of the Mahabharat had lived during their exile. Mahadev Temple also hosts an annual fair, Shivratri Mela, on the second last day in the month of Phalgun in the calendar which falls on either February or March. It is held in reverence of Lord Shiva and on that day, the pilgrims carrying. The myth of the Chauragarh temple begins from the part where Demon Bhasmasur, a devotee of Lord Shiva practised extreme penance to please his ancestors and the Lord himself. His work bore the fruit and after a very long time Lord Shiva pleased with him, asked him to ask for a boon. To this, Bhasmasur asked for the boon of immortality which was rejected by him. He asked to ask him something else. On this, Bhasmasur asked for a very peculiar boon, he said to give him the power to turn anyone he touches to ashes. The boon was granted. However, what the Lord didn’t realize was that Bhasmasur wanted to touch the Lord and kill him to become the King of the Destroyers himself. Upon realising that, Shiva started to run from Bhasmasur who was chasing to touch him. He reached the Chauragarh mountain and using his snake, his trident and his locks or jata, went to the peak and hide there. He sent a message to Lord Vishnu to save him. Lord Vishnu came down as a maiden and distracted Bhasmasur. The Bhasmasur wanted to win his heart and accepted the dance combat where he accidentally touched his head and turned into ashes.

Special Features

Chauragarh is another hilltop in Pachmarhi and has an ancient Shiva Temple. While going up the hill during Mahashivratri, devotees carry Trishuls (Trident – Lord Shiva’s symbol) in their hands. Outside the temples, a great number of Trishuls are erected.





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