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Mecheri Sri Vada Badrakaliamman Temple – Salem


Mecheri Sri Vada Badrakaliamman Temple, Mecheri, Salem- 636453


Amman: Sri Vada Badrakaliamman


The Vada Badrakaliamman Temple is a prominent temple located in the heart of Mecheri Town in Salem District, Tamil Nadu.

Puranic Significance

Historical Significance:

  • The temple was constructed about 800 years ago by local kings, which gives it a rich historical heritage.
  • Mecheri Town is known for this temple, and it holds cultural and spiritual importance in the region.

Location and Setting:

  • Mecheri is a town surrounded by a lake and beautiful green knolls. It is situated near Salem-Dharmapuri highway.
  • The temple is at the center of Mecheri town, and it is a significant landmark in the area.
  • The temple faces north, with the main entrance through the Rajagopuram.


Special pooja is performed and the deity adorned every Tuesday, Friday and Sunday and on full moon and new moon days. On the above days multitude of devotees throng the temple to fulfill their vows and to make their offerings, from dawn to dusk. Especially if the devotees have Dharsan on new moon days Mecheri Bhadra Kaliyamman will fulfill the wishes of the devotees. So more than 50 thousand devotees throng to and congregate in the temple and worship the deity.

Special Features

Temple Architecture:

  • The Vada Badrakaliamman Temple has wide corridors and mandapams (halls) surrounding the temple.
  • It features a grand Rajagopuram as the main entrance, and there are three Rajagopurams in other directions.
  • The Vasanthamandapam, situated next to the north-facing Rajagopuram, is a special part of the temple. It houses a Shivalingam and Gomugam.
  • The image of Bhadrakaliamman is significant, as she stands with her sword, which is painted in five colors, making it unique.
  • The temple’s Mahamandapam has beautiful marble sculptures on its walls, including depictions of Narthana Ganesha, Nagadevathai, Valli, Deivanai Sametha Murugapperuman, Ashtalakshmi, Thillainadarajar, and Meenakshi Amman.

Spiritual Significance:

  • The Vada Badrakaliamman Temple is dedicated to the goddess Bhadrakali, and it serves as a holy site where devotees seek her blessings and protection.
  • The temple is considered auspicious for devotees to have darshan on new moon days.

Unique Features:

  • One unique aspect of the temple is the view from the Mahamandapam. Standing in the middle of the Mahamandapam, you can see the Rajagopuram, the Moolavar Vimana, and the Bhadrakaliamman, offering a unique spiritual experience.
  • The temple’s architecture and the presence of multiple Rajagopurams make it distinct.


Chitrai, Aadi (Fridays), Deepavali, Karthikai Deepam, Laksha Deepam , Navarathri Festivals are celebrated


800 Years Old

Managed By

Hindu Religious and Charitable Endowments (HRCE)

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Trichy, Coimbatore

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