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Mahabodhi Shwegu Temple- Myanmar (Burma)


Mahabodhi Shwegu Temple- North of Mrauk U town, Myanmar (Burma)




The Mahabodhi Shwegu is an eight sided bell shaped Buddhist temple located in a quiet area near the Ratana-Pon Paya, North of Mrauk U town. On the East side of the Mahabodhi Shwegu temple is a narrow arched passageway protruding out from the structure. Its inner walls are adorned with sculpting in relief depicting scenes from the Jataka tales, the stories about the previous lives of the Buddha. At the center of the temple seated on a high pedestal is an image of the Buddha. The stone image, painted gold measures 1.80 meters high. Surrounding it are four Buddha images enshrined in niches.

Puranic Significance

It was built by King Ba Saw Phyu, who reigned Mrauk U during the second half of the 15th century. The King expanded the Mrauk U Empire and strengthened its defensive systems. The 10 meter high sandstone temple on the side of a small hill is an octagonal structure. A bell shaped dome topped with a finial sits on top of a number of receding tiers. At the base each of its eight sides measure a little over four meters long. A total of 32 protective spirits guard the Mahabodhi Shwegu temple. At each corner of its lowest four tiers is a stone sculpting of a guardian spirit.


15th century.

Managed By

UNESCO World Heritage Centre.

Nearest Bus Station

Ratana-Pon paya

Nearest Railway Station

Magway Station

Nearest Airport

Ann, Kyaukpyu

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