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Kollur Mookambika Devi Temple, Karantaka


Kollur Mookambika Devi Temple, Karantaka

Kollur, Kundapur Taluk,

Udupi District,

Karnataka – 576220


Mookambika Devi


Mookambika Devi Temple of Kollur, situated at about 147 km from Mangalore in Karnataka is one of the most popular temples of Southern India. It has scenic surroundings provided by the banks of the river Sauparnika and the Kudashadri hill. Millions of pilgrims visit the temple every year. The temple is associated with the esteemed saint and Vedic scholar Adi Shankara and holds great significance to the devotees. The Temple is believed to be 1500 years old. Adi Shankara perceived the idea of this temple and he himself installed the idol of Devi Mookambika in the temple. People have immense faith in this Temple as Goddess Mookambika is considered as a manifestation of Shakti, Saraswathi and Mahalakshmi. Mookambika Devi Temple is one of the ‘Seven Muktistala’ pilgrimage sites in Karnataka, the others being Kollur, Udupi, Subrahmanya, Kumbasi, Kodeshwara, Sankaranarayana and Gokarna.

Puranic Significance 

There are many beliefs regarding the origin of the temple. It is believed that the shrine of Mookambika Devi was installed by Adi Shankara. He worshiped Goddess Saraswati intensely, as a response to his dedication goddess appeared before Adi Shankara and agreed to go with him to Kerala. Goddess agreed to accompany him upon one condition that Adi Shankara who leads the way should not turn back to check whether she is following him. If he looked back and checked her, Goddess would stop there and will not move further.

On the way, when Shankara could not feel the presence of Goddess Saraswati, he looked back and assured her presence. Goddess Saraswati stopped her journey and stayed at that place as per her promise. After repeated begging and pleading of Shankara, the Goddess agreed to be at the Chottanikkara Temple in the mornings and come back to Mookambika Devi Temple by noon.

Kodachadri Hill houses places such as Chitramoolam and Ambavanam where Adi Shankara is believed to have meditated. Ancient Kings were patrons of the temple and the temple houses valuable treasures that are reminiscent of rich past. This was the state temple for the Nagara or Bednore Rajas and many jewels now adorning the idol are said to have been presented by them and by their overlords of Vijayanagara. During the Mahratta raids in this district in the 18th century, these freebooters are believed to have carried away gold, silver, and gems worth crores of rupees.

Special Features

The architecture of Mookambika Devi Temple is that of the Kerala style. It has a big courtyard and a spacious shrine where the beautiful idol of Mookambika Devi is placed in the form of Jyotir-Linga, integrating both Shiva and Shakthi. The material of the idol is Panchaloha, an alloy of five metals. Seated in Padmasana posture, the Goddess holds ‘Shanku’ and ‘Chakra’ in her two upper hands and shows ‘Abhaya’ mudra and ‘Varada’ mudra in her other hands. The Idol is decorated with gold and diamond jewelry. Idols of Goddess Parvathi and Saraswathi are there on either side of the Mookambika Devi.

There are smaller shrines in the corridor around the sanctum where 10-handed Lord White Vinayaka (Vellai Ganesha), Subramanya, Anjaneya, Veerabhadra and Adi Shankara are worshipped. The image of Anjaneya was installed by Madhwa Acharya, Sri Vadiraja Swami.


 Navarathri Festivities, Dhanurmasa, Shivarathri, The Annual Festival, Ugadi, Ashtabhandha Brahmakalashotsava
and Chandika Homa are the festivals celebrated in Kollur Mookambika Devi Temple.


1500 Years old

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