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Kallukurikkai Sri Kalabhairava Temple- Krishnagiri


Kallukurikkai Sri Kalabhairava Temple- Kallukuriki Village, Krishnagiri District- 635001.


Sri Kalabhairava


The Kalabhairavar Temple in Kallukurikkai, Krishnagiri district, Tamil Nadu, is a sacred place of worship dedicated to Lord Kalabhairava.


  • The temple is situated in Kallukurikkai, Krishnagiri district, Tamil Nadu, India.

Historical Significance:

  • The temple is believed to be 500-1000 years old and has historical roots in the region.
  • According to epigraphic records, the temple was constructed by the rulers who once governed Krishnagiri.


  • The primary deity of the temple is Lord Kalabhairava, a fierce form of Lord Shiva known as the guardian of time.
  • The temple is an important place of worship for the people in the region. Devotees from over a hundred nearby villages consider Kalabhairava as their family deity.
  • The temple is visited by devotees from various regions, including Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka, seeking blessings from Lord Kalabhairava.

Worship and Blessings:

  • Devotees throng to the temple with various prayers and offerings, seeking remedies for diseases, relief from poverty, protection from enemies, blessings for marriage, and the boon of children.
  • It is customary for devotees to perform special pujas and rituals to express their gratitude once their wishes are fulfilled.

Unique Aspects:

  • The temple has two idols of Kalabhairava, and a statue of Nandi, the bull, at the entrance.
  • It is believed that Lord Kalabhairava is the Guru or teacher of the planet Saturn. As per ancient scriptures, Saturn (Shani) worshipped Lord Shiva in Kasi (Varanasi) and performed penance on the guardian deity of Kasi, Sri Kalabhairava, to attain wisdom.
  • There are 64 significant aspects attributed to Sri Kalabhairava, and eight of them are considered particularly important. His weapon is the trident (trishul).
  • It is advised that Lord Kalabhairava should be worshipped in Kasi and Swarna Bhairava in Chidambaram, Tamil Nadu.

Scenic Location:

  • The temple is located in a pleasant natural environment, nestled between the Anjaneya Hills and Bhairava Hills, near the Patethalavu Lake.
  • Devotees come to seek blessings from Lord Kalabhairava, who is considered their constant guardian, providing peace of mind and freedom from the fear of enemies.


  • The temple attracts a significant crowd during Rahukalam on Sundays (a 90-minute time period dominated by the planet Rahu, occurring from 4.30 p.m. to 6.00 p.m.) and during downward Ashtami days (the eighth day from the full moon, also known as Poornima).

The Kalabhairavar Temple stands as a place of spiritual significance and divine blessings for devotees who seek guidance, protection, and various blessings from Lord Kalabhairava. It is a place where the guardian of time is revered and worshipped with devotion.


500 -1000Years old

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Hindu Religious & Charitable Endowments Department (HRCE)

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