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Chengalpattu Sri Kaniyazhi Anjaneyar Temple


Chengalpattu Sri Kaniyazhi Anjaneyar Temple

Chengalpattu District,

Tamilnadu– 603001


Sri Kaniyazhi Anjaneyar


Chengalpattu Anjaneyar Temple is dedicated to Lord Hanuman, Located in the Chengalpattu district, Tamil Nadu. Here the Primary deity is called as Sri Kaniyazhi Anjaneyar.The temple is facing south on the main road near Chengalpattu New Bus Stand. The temple is open both morning and evening. The temple is currently undergoing restoration work. The temple is said to be more than 800 years old.

Puranic Significance 

When Sita was imprisoned in Lanka by Ravana, Lord Rama sent his loyal servant Hanuman to find her, giving him his ring as a token. While flying through the sky on this mission, Hanuman spotted a pond below. He descended from the sky to rest and refreshes himself by the pond.

According to the temple legend, Hanuman placed the ring at this spot before continuing his journey to Lanka, where he showed it to Sita. Devotees say that the temple has been a place of worship for several centuries. Initially, there was only a shrine for Hanuman at this site. Over time, with the contributions of devotees, a larger temple complex was developed.

Near the Hanuman temple, the goddess Nageswari Amman also has a shrine. These two shrines are now part of the same temple complex. The statue of Hanuman, known here as Kanaiyazhi Anjaneyar, stands in a majestic posture, holding Lord Rama’s ring in his right hand and displaying the Abhaya mudra (gesture of reassurance) with his left hand.


800 years old.

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