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Boudh Ramnath Temples Complex, Odisha


Boudh Ramnath Temples Complex, Ramanath Temple, Boudh Town, Bauda, Odisha 762014




The Ramnath Temples Complex is a notable religious site located in Boudh Town, Boudh District, in the state of Odisha, India. This complex is dedicated to Lord Shiva and consists of several temples, each with its own unique architectural and historical significance. The Ramanath Temple is situated in Malipada in Boudh town, on the left side of National Highway 57, and is located on the right bank of the River Mahanadi.

Puranic Significance

The Ramanath Temple was commissioned by Narayan Singhdeo in 1952, the former chief of Boudh state. However, its construction was abandoned after reaching the jangha level due to the chief’s demise. This temple exhibits a blend of colonial architectural features with elements of the later period. It is square in plan, consisting of both vimana (main sanctum) and jagamohana (assembly hall). The temple is adorned with intricate scrollwork and decorative motifs. The pillars and pilasters are also intricately carved with scrollwork. The temple’s architecture is an interesting combination of ancient Kalingan style and colonial influences.


Shivaratri, Sitalasasti, Kartika Purnima and Gamha Purnima are the festivals celebrated here.


10th Century CE

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Archaeological Survey of India (ASI)- Bhubaneshwar

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