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Attur Sri Thalayatti Vinayakar Temple – Salem


Attur Sri Thalayatti Vinayakar Temple- Attur-636 102, Salem district Phone: +914282 320 607


Sri Thalayatti Vinayakar


The Thalayatti Vinayakar Temple is located in the heart of Attur town in Salem District, Tamil Nadu, and holds significant historical and mythological importance.

  • The temple is situated in Attur, which was originally known as “Attrur,” meaning “place of rivers.” Over time, the name evolved into “Attur.”
  • The primary deity of this temple is known as Sri Thalayatti Vinayakar.
  • It is believed that the temple is around 1000 years old.

Puranic Significance

  • Sage Vasishta, known for his penance and devotion to Lord Shiva, performed rituals and installed Shiva Lingas at various places along the banks of the Vasishta River.
  • At this particular location, while Sage Vasishta was in deep prayer, he wished for a divine vision, similar to the one at Thiruvannamalai. In response to his prayer, Lord Shiva appeared as a divine light within the Linga he had installed. However, with the passage of time, the Linga became buried under the sands.
  • Centuries later, a local chieftain named Getti Mudali became the ruler of the region. Lord Shiva appeared in his dream and revealed the presence of the hidden Linga under the sands.
  • Following Lord Shiva’s guidance, Getti Mudali discovered the buried Linga and a treasure. He used the treasure to fund the construction of the temple.
  • Before initiating the temple’s construction, Getti Mudali sought Lord Vinayaka’s approval. Lord Vinayaka, believed to be overseeing the construction, nodded his head in approval when asked if the temple’s construction was well-executed. Hence, Lord Vinayaka came to be known as “Thalayatti Vinayaka,” signifying Vinayaka shaking his head in affirmation.


Those facing adverse aspects of planets, problems in wedding proposals and children affairs pray to Lord Vinayaka. Devotees perform special pujas to Lord offering vastras.

Special Features

Lord Vinayaka appears with his head siding on the left as if shaking right and left – Thalayatti in Tamil


Vinayaka Chathurthi in August-September is grandly celebrated in the temple.


1000 Years old

Managed By

Hindu Religious and Charitable Endowments (HRCE)

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Salem, Attur

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Trichy, Coimbatore

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