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Attur Kaya Nirmaleswarar Temple, Salem


Attur Kaya Nirmaleswarar Temple, Attur town, Salem district- 636108


Kayanirmaleswarar / Vasishteswarar Amman: Akilandeswari


The Sri Kaya Nirmaleswarar Temple, located near Attur town in Salem District, Tamil Nadu, is a significant place of worship with a rich history and mythological importance.

  • This temple is situated in the Attur Fort region, near Attur town.
  • It is one of the Pancha Bootha Sthalams, representing the Fire (Agni) element.
  • The main deity of the temple is a Swayambu Lingam known as Kayanirmaleswarar or Vasishteswarar. The goddess is Akilandeswari.
  • The sacred Vilvam Tree is the Sthala Vriksham of the temple, and the temple tank’s Theertham is called Vasishta.

Puranic Significance

  • Sage Vasishta, who was Lord Rama’s Kula Guru, came to this place for penance and pujas to Lord Shiva. He faced obstacles in performing his rituals.
  • Maharshi Narada advised him to use water and flowers for the pujas. Sage Vasishta created the Vasishta Nadhi (river) and began his search for a suitable spot.
  • When he found the place, his legs stuck, and he discovered a Shiva Lingam partially above the ground. His frustration caused a slight damage to the Lingam. A voice reassured him that a miracle would happen during the Aarati.
  • When Sage Vasishta showed the Aarati, it created a miraculous light that dispelled the illusions of those who had disturbed his penance. Lord Shiva agreed to stay there and cleanse the darkness in people’s minds.
  • The name “Kaya Nirmala Easwarar” comes from “Kaya,” meaning body, and “Nirmala,” meaning clarity. Lord Shiva assumed this name at the sage’s request.


People pray to Lord and Mother for wedding and child boon. Realizing their wishes, devotees offer vastras to Lord and Mother and light ghee lamps in the shrines.

Special Features

  • The temple features a five-tier Raja Gopuram with a glorious Shiva Mudra that stands majestically, attracting devotees.
  • Lord Shiva, in the sanctum sanctorum, appears clear and bright to devotees during the Aarati puja.
  • The temple is dedicated to the worship of Lord Shiva and Mother Akhilandeswari, who is known for her benevolence in granting wedding and child boons.
  • The temple also has depictions of other elements of the universe, such as Appu (Water), Vayu (Air), Akasha (Space), and Earth, in surrounding places.
  • Lord Vinayaka is worshipped in various forms within the temple, and Lord Muruga is represented as Bala Muruga and Muruga with His consorts Valli and Deivanai.
  • One remarkable feature of the temple is the reflection of the Aarati Deeparadhana on the Shiva Linga as if in a mirror, symbolizing the divine light reflecting in the hearts of devotees.


Besides fortnightly Pradosha and Somawar (Monday) pujas, the temple celebrates Maha Shivarathri in February-March in a grand way.


1000 Years old

Managed By

Hindu Religious and Charitable Endowments (HRCE)

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