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Ulunthampattu Kailasanathar Shiva Temple, Cuddalore


Ulunthampattu Kailasanathar Shiva Temple, Ulunthampattu, Panruti taluk, Cuddalore District – 607107.


Kailasanathar Amman: Sri Kamakshi


northwestern border village of Cuddalore district, The temple is located on the south bank of the Pennai river. From Panruti- Kandarakkottai- Karumpur- Enathimangalam- Ulundampattu. The temple is located 20 Km from Panruti. The temple faces east, but the gate to the temple is placed on the south side, with a brick window on the east. Lord Kailashnathar is towards the east and Goddess kamakshi amman is towards the south. Ganesha is near the gate of the Lord. The temple is under the auspices of the Hindu Charitable Trust and from time to time lighting works are carried out in the temple within the amount for one-time puja. There is an elementary school near the temple. Jain idols and symbols have been found in the villages along the Pennai River. Later it was built as a Shiva temple. It may have been a 10th century temple as Lord Kailasanathar. The shape of the bricks and the shape of the interior of the temple prove it. “With the kind permission of Sri Kadambur K. Vijayan, these are extracted from his posts”.


1000-2000 Years old

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