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Prasat Ta Krabey- Thailand


Prasat Ta Krabey- Bak Dai, Phanom Dong Rak District, Surin 32140, Thailand




Prasat Ta Krabey or Prasat Ta Krabei, in Khmer and also known as Prasat Ta Khwai, in Thai is a disputed Khmer temple which was built during Angkor period, the golden age of Cambodian history. This 11th century religious site was constructed in order to be dedicated to god Shiva and the temple is located in Cambodian-Thai border.

Puranic Significance

Ta Krabey temple consists of a single central sanctuary, where houses a Shiva Linga, named Svayabhuva Linga which means the self-emergence Linga and four gopuras face to all four directions in total area of 900 square meters. This sandstone temple was decorated with some carvings, especially the depiction of god Yama mounts on a buffalo as his vehicle, however the construction work of the temple was unfinished as most of the exterior surface of the central tower has no carving. According to architectural style, this temple was built in 12th or 13th century in Bayon style but it is believed that it started being constructed in 11th century. The temple is located on Dangrek mountain range, basically on Cambodian-Thai border, 57 km west of Samraong city which is the capital of Oddar Meanchey province and 13 km away from another Angkorian ancient temple, Prasat Ta Muen Thom.


11th century

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UNESCO World Heritage Centre.

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