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Prasat Neang Khmau, Cambodia


Prasat Neang Khmau, Koh Ker, Preah Vihear, Cambodia




Prasat Neang Khmau temple is Located 12.5 km (7.8 mi) to the south of the main Koh Ker pyramid and built of sandstone and brick. An early 10th century temple dedicated to the Lord Shiva. The temple’s fire damaged (black) outer surface probably gave it its name (Neang Khmau). Neang Khmau means the “Black Lady” in Khmer, probably referring to the tower’s fire-scarred surface. Like many of the shrines at Koh Ker the temple was dedicated to Shiva.

Puranic Significance

Prasat Neang Khmau Temple is considered among the most popular temple in Koh Ker. Constructed of sandstone and brick in the style of Koh Ker, the temple was built by King Jayavarman IV in the 10th century for the worship of Brahmanism. The site originally consisted of three temples built side by side, however, only one is still standing, and heavily damaged. The name of the temple is also said mean “Black Lady ” and legend says it might once have been heaven to Kali, the Dark Goddess of Destruction. Another legend about the temple says that many years ago a powerful king Preah Bat Sorya Teyong lived at the Chiso Mountain. One day his daughter Neang Khmao, went to Tonle Protron and met a handsome man, Bandit Srey, who instantly fell in love with her and who used magic to make her fall in love with him. When the king heard about this he ordered his daughter be exiled and he built two temples for her to live in. Whilst in exile she fell in love with a monk who subsequently fell in love with her and gave up being a monk to live with the princess in the temple since which it has been known as Neang Khmao Temple.


10th century

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UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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