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Prasat Kok Rocha – Cambodia


Prasat Kok Rocha Krong Stueng Saen, Srayov Commune, Stung Sen District, Kampong Thom province, Cambodia




Prasat Kok Rokar is located in Rokar Phum, Srayov Commune, Stung Sen District, Kampong Thom province in a 14-km distance from Provincial Town of Kampong Thom. The temple was built of sandstone and laterite in Khleng style at the end of 11th century during the reign of king Suryavarman I to dedicate to Siva. The lintels has various style some in Sambor Prei Kuk, some in Prei Khmeng and some in Kulen style etc. This isolated sanctuary (dimension: 6m x 5m; 8m height) was built on the hill and faced to the east. The body of the central temple has conical form with porches opening to the east, and a door reached from the eastern entrance (three other doors were the false doors). The diamond column has octagonal forms, and the three lintels have various forms. Based on the study to the site, the sanctuary was formed in rectangular shape. The outside rampart has 25m x 25m size and Gopura from the four directions which jointed to the surrounding laterite rampart. Outside the rampart, there were likely moats surrounded as we saw some marks remain until now. The ruined temple site lies some 10 kilometres east of Kompong Thom town, just off the south side of National 6, a further couple of kilometres.


11th century

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UNESCO World Heritage Centre.

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Rokar Phum

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Kampong Cham

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Kâmpóng Cham Airport (ICAO: KCA)

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