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Melappoothanur Agnieeswarar Shiva Temple, Nagapattinam


Melappoothanur Agnieeswarar Shiva Temple, Melappoothanur Village, Nagapattinam district 610101.


Agnieeswarar Amman: Karundarkuzhali


This Shiva temple is located in the Melappoothanur village, Nagapattinam district, Tamilnadu. Poothanur is presently known as Melappoothanur and Keelappoothanur, and there are Shiva temples in both the towns. Thiruvarur is located 4 km north of Cholanganallur on the Thiruvarur-Nagore road. It is the place where Lord Agni is worshiped and absolved. The auspicious Lord in this temple is Agnieeswarar; Goddess Karundarkkuzhali. The temple is a very small temple. The Lord has the temple facing east. The goddess is facing south. There is a Nandi before the Lord. The sanctum sanctorum includes Thenmugan, Linkodpavar and Brahman Durga. The Navagraha Mandapam is located in the northeast. There is a well nearby the temple. Two lingams have recently been erected along the back wall of the Ganesha. Named as Mohana Lingam, Parvati Lingam. Morning and evening pujas are held.

Puranic Significance

Poothanur, also known as Melappoothanur, is a town that was gifted land during the Chola period. The Temple is believed to be 1000 years old. There was a poor man named Poothamangalam near Thiruvarur. His son Karunakaran. After Poothamangalam’s death, a man who knew by his magical power that the boy Karunakaran would be rich came and asked Karunakaran for a lakh of gold. Karunakaran laughed and said that he was asking for one lakh gold from me who did not even have a penny. After talking about the giant who was waiting for wealth for Karunakaran, Karunakaran got gold from Kadarangondan and became rich. He donated great wealth to the Thiruvarur Shiva Temple. Meelappoothanur is the place where this poor man lived. The town is presently known as Melappoothanur and Keelappothanur and there are Shiva temples in both the towns. “With the kind permission of Sri Kadambur K. Vijayan, these are extracted from his posts”.


1000 Years old

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