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Champaner Ruined Jain Temples- Gujarat


Champaner Ruined Jain Temples Champaner, Panchmahal district Gujarat 389360




Jain Group of Temples is in Champaner Village near Pavagadh, Panchmahal district in Gujarat, India. They are of three diverse groups: The first consists of the Bhavanaderi temples near Naqqarkhana gate called the Navalakka temples, the second group is in honor of the tirthankaras Suparshvanatha and Chandraprabha and the third group, situated on the south east of Pavagadh Hill (Mataji’s cliff), is near the Pārśva temple next to the Dudhia tank.

Puranic Significance

In Vikram year 1540, the Muslim Sultan Mohammed Begada invaded this place and heavily damaged the temples. The resuscitation of temples commenced in Vikram year 1931 and 1937 on Magh Sukla 13 at the hands of Digambar Bhattarak Sri Kanakkirtiji Maharaj the temple was again ceremonially consecrated. In this Digambar Jain temple, every year on Magh Sukla 13 a large annual festival is held, and a flag is hoisted on the mast of the temple shikhara. The shrine is believed to be a “Siddhakshetra” (a place where self-realization occurs) because in “Nirvana kand” it is stated that Sri Lav and Kush, sons of king of Ayodhya Sri Ramchandra and king of Lat and countless other saints of Jain order after practicing severe austerities attained Moksha here. This shrine is believed to be of a period contemporaneous to the 20th Tirthankara of the present set of 24 Tirthankaras, Sri Munisuvratswami Bhagwan or of Shri Ramchandra, the king of Ayodhya. In 140 A.D, the great geographer of Greece Ptolemy during his tour on India has stated this shrine of Jains as very ancient and holy. It is stated that Raja Gangasinh, a successor of Emperor Sri Ashok got the fort and the temples of Pavagadh repaired and renovated in the year 800 A.D. According to Svetambara records also, this shrine is very ancient. There is a reference available of a temple called “Sarvatobhadra” (auspicious on all sides) built here at the instance of Minister Sri Tejpal during 13th Vikram century. Also, a reference is available about ceremonial installation and consecration the hands of Acharya Sri Vijaysensuriji of a temple built at the instance of Sri Jaywant Sheth in Vikram year 1638. In Vikram year 1746 Gani Sri Shilvijayji Maharaj has referred to a temple here of Sri Neminath Bhagwan. In a laudatory poem about Sri Jiravala Parshvanath composed by Sri Dipvijayji Maharaj in 19th Vikram century, the temples existing here are described in detail. At one time, this shrine was considered to be of equal ranks to the shrine at Mt. Shatrunjay. Today, there is no Svetambara Jain Temple existing here. On this mountain besides this temple, there are seven other Digambar Jain temples, at the base in the village of Champaner also, there are two Digambar temples. In several old temples, the ruins are lying scattered on this mountain where many specimens of art have been found which is attractive. Elaborately carved seated and standing images of the Jain pantheon are seen on the outer walls of the temples. The Garbhagrihas are enshrined with beautiful stone images of tirthankaras in these temples.


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