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46 Puthur Jyothi Maheswaran Temple, Erode


46 Puthur Jyothi Maheswaran Temple, Erode

46 Puthur village,

Erode District, Tamilnadu – 638002.


Jyothi Maheswaran




46 Puthur Temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva, Located in the 46- Puthur Village, Erode district, Tamilnadu. Here the presiding deity is called as Jyothi Maheswaran and Mother is called as Soundaranayaki.  The Shiva Temple is located in the small village of 46 Puthur near Erode with the name of Jyothi Maheswaran. This oldest temple is facing east side of the town. Worship in this ancient temple has been stopped and some Pujas are going on but waiting for the reconstruction work. The temple is located in the village of 46 Puthur, 5 km from Erode.

Puranic Significance 

The Temple is believed to be 500- 1000 years old. The presiding deity Lord Shiva in the sanctum with his consort and Nandi Deva in front of him and two Nagas stand as the guardian deity. In the Ardha Mandapam there is Ganesha, Chandana Lingam and Natarajar. Linga in the sanctum sanctorum Jyoti Linkeswarar stands up on a lotus pedestal. He is called Sudarkkozhunthu Nathar. Built in a pyramid-like structure, the sanctuary tower has 148 serpent figures. Soundaranayaki is blessing in a separate sanctum facing south.


It is the belief of the devotees that if they worship Jyoti Maheswara they will get good judgment in cases, get rid of marriage ban and get all the benefits including childbearing and education.


Special worships are held on the day of Amavasai, Povurnami, Pradosham, Appasi Annabhishekam, and Mahasivarathri. On the day of Maha Shivaratri, pujas are performed here.


500- 1000 Years Old

Managed By

Hindu Religious & Charitable Endowments Department (HR&CE)

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