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Narayan Bali Pooja at Srirangapatna - lightuptemples

Narayan Bali Pooja

Narayan Bali Puja is a ritual conducted to seek the blessings and appeasement of Lord Narayan in the event of an unnatural death of a human being. This puja is specifically performed in all cases of unnatural deaths, which can include fatalities resulting from causes such as animal attacks, arson, curses, cholera, diseases, suicide, snake bites, and other similar circumstances.

  • Relief from ancestral curses and the removal of obstacles, nightmares, and hindrances.
  • A remedy for various life problems, such as delays in marriage, childbirth, financial troubles, and illnesses.
  • Ensuring the peaceful rest of one’s ancestors and securing their blessings.
  • Mitigating the negative effects of Pitru Dosh (ancestral afflictions) in the horoscope.
  • Safeguarding the family from negative spiritual influences following the performance of these rites.


Narayan Bali Puja is conducted to fulfill and pacify the unfulfilled desires of deceased souls that remain trapped in our world even after death. These lingering souls can bring distress to their descendants, as they continue to suffer and trouble their own lineage. Lord Vishnu, as mentioned in the Garuda Purana to Shree Garuda, describes the state of these departed souls: “Until the funeral rites are properly performed, the deceased, forever hungry, roams about day and night in the form of airy matter.”


Narayan Bali Puja can be performed on various occasions, including during Pitru Paksha, on Amavasya (new moon), Poornima (full moon), Astami (eighth day), and Dwadashi (twelfth day). It is also considered particularly auspicious on certain nakshatra (star) days such as Kritika, Punarvasu, Vishaka, Poorvabhadra, Uttarabhadra, Dhanista, Satabhisha, and Revati.


Book a Pandit for the  Narayan Bali Puja at Srirangapatna. The Purohit will bring all the required pooja samagri (items). All our Pandits are highly experienced and have studied at Vedic Patashala. 

To perform Online and Offline Pooja @ LUT contact us.

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