Athur veda padasala

Athur Veda Padasala is a revered institution dedicated to the study and propagation of Atharva Veda, one of the oldest sacred texts in Hinduism. Established with a commitment to preserving and disseminating Vedic knowledge, the padasala provides a conducive environment for students to learn and master the intricate hymns, rituals, and philosophical aspects of Atharva Veda. The institution boasts experienced and learned scholars who guide students in understanding the profound teachings embedded in this Vedic scripture. Through rigorous academic pursuits, spiritual practices, and cultural immersion, Athur Veda Padasala aims to nurture a new generation of individuals dedicated to upholding the rich traditions of Vedic wisdom.


  • SCVG Veda Shastra Maha Vidyasthan is one of the largest Vedic Institutions in Tamil Nadu with 208+ Vidhyarthis. This strength is growing year on year.
  • Holy and Sacred surroundings – A Temple inside the campus with Nithya Aradhana being performed by our Vidhyarthis.
  • Inside the Gaushala 5 dwelling units for the Gau rakshakas’ stay have also been built.

Preservation of Vedic Knowledge:

1.Athur Veda Padasala is dedicated to preserving and perpetuating the ancient wisdom encapsulated in Atharva Veda, contributing to the cultural heritage of Hinduism.

Spiritual Environment:

The institution provides a spiritual and disciplined environment conducive to the study of Vedic scriptures, fostering a holistic development of students

Experienced Scholars:

3.The padasala boasts a faculty comprising experienced and learned scholars who guide students in mastering the hymns, rituals, and philosophical nuances of Atharva Veda.

Vedic Education

4.Teaching of Vedic scriptures, including chanting and recitation.

Cultural Immersion:

5.Students at Athur Veda Padasala engage in cultural immersion, imbibing not only the textual knowledge but also the cultural and traditional aspects associated with Vedic practices.

Educational Excellence:

To provide high-quality education in Atharva Veda, ensuring students grasp the depth and significance of the Vedic texts.

Cultural Preservation:

7.To contribute to the preservation of Hindu cultural heritage by imparting knowledge of Vedic traditions and rituals.

Spiritual Growth:

To facilitate the spiritual growth of students by instilling a deep understanding of the spiritual and philosophical insights found in Atharva Veda.

Community Service:

To encourage students to apply their Vedic knowledge for the betterment of the community, fostering a sense of service and responsibility.

Global Outreach

To promote awareness and understanding of Atharva Veda globally, fostering an appreciation for Vedic wisdom beyond geographical boundaries.

Yajnas and Homas:

11.Conducting and teaching the rituals associated with Vedic fire ceremonies.